Helen believes in offering you the very best care and therapies at the most affordable rates possible.

Children: 1hr sessions only £45 (commonly for difficulties in areas such as Sleeping, eating, emotions, pain and phobias) Helen is a homeschooling Mum and is DRB cleared. Depending on the child’s age she may include play and imagination therapy alongside Hypnosis.

1.5 hour Hypnotherapy sessions £65 (confidence, medical and dental pain, phobias, sleeping and many other treatments)

Weight control programme £300 (a four session programe with take home pack including Golden rule sheets and recording)

Smoking cessation: £150 session

Helen loves to give you an MP3 or CD to take home so that you can enjoy regular periods of relaxation at home.

Hypnobirthing: Small group setting: £150 per family

Private Hypnobirthing: £300

Hypnobirthing is taught over three sessions and all the materials you need will be provided including recordings. You may bring as many Birth companions as you wish and refreshments are provided.

Hypno-parenting Workshops run regularly, get in touch to book your place.

What to expect:

On arrival at Empower Hypnotherapy Helen will make sure you are comfortable and answer any questions you might have.

You’ll be seated in a super-comfy recliner that Helen insists is truly “Hypnotic “and does much of the relaxation for her, the therapy room comments book is proof of this statement!

After asking you for more detail about your issue and goals, she will utilise a number of techniques to induce a wonderful state of deep relaxation and focus. Using positive suggestions she will help you create new behaviours and techniques and look at causes.

Helen will ensure you are fully awakened and refreshed before commencing your journey home.

You’ll find Helen warm and engaging. The fact that she has personally experienced many of the issues her Clients are troubled by such as Disability, pain, weight gain and smoking cessation makes it even easier to make contact….what are you waiting for?

Contact Empower Hypnotherapy

Contact Helen Joy at Empower Hypnotherapy in complete confidence using the details on the contact page.