“ I never believed I could be truly free of this habit..until I met Helen and knew beyond all doubt that I would enjoy the freedom”

“Helen Joy is exactly that: a joy to meet and work with. She respects where I am with my problem but shows me a future that is all mine!”

“I’ve loved my visit, I’ve never felt so relaxed and it’s amazing, can’t wait for my next session….”

“Thank you for your help and for the fabulous relaxation”

From a child: “I felt really safe and loved and I know I’m better already”

“Even after my first session I lost 8 pounds and could bypass the cake aisle”

From Tom aged 13: I used to be scared of everything, I was so anxious my Doctor wanted me to take medicines. I can go out now with my friends and I’m learning loads of stuff in lessons because I am happy. My Mum didn’t have to pay for all of it because of Helen’s referral scheme.

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